DecisionTelecom дозволяє надсилати мережеві запити на будь-який мобільний номер по всьому світу. Це дозволяє переглядати, який номер мобільного телефону належить якомусь оператору в режимі реального часу і бачити, чи активний номер.

HLR API використовує HTTPS з ключем доступу, який використовується як авторизація API. Корисні дані запитів та відповідей форматуються як JSON за допомогою кодування UTF-8 та значень у кодуванні URL.

API Авторизація - Базовий ключ доступу Base64.

Щоб отримати ключ API, будь ласка, зв'яжіться з вашим менеджером по роботі з клієнтами.

Надіслати HLR


Request JSON:



Phones: array - The list of phone numbers on which you want to make a network request. - Required.


Returns JSON string if the request was successful.

          "id": 2345234,
          "phone": 380631111111,
          "href": "https://web.it-decision.com/v1/api/hlr-status?id=380631111111",
          "status": "Accepted"
          "id": 2345235,
          "phone": 380631111112,
          "href": "https://web.it-decision.com/v1/api/hlr-status?id=380631111112",
          "status": "Accepted"


Id int - A unique random identifier generated by the DecisionTelecom platform. - Required.

status string – phone state.

Possible values: accepted, sent, absent, active, unknown, and failed.

Статус HLR

Request example:


Successful Response Example JSON:

    "id": 2345234,
    "phone": 38063122121,
    "mcc": "255",
    "mnc": "06",
    "network": "Lifecell",
    "ported": false,
    "status": 0,
    "error": 0,
    "type": "mobile",
    "present": "yes",
    "status_message": "Success"


id: unique random ID generated by DecisionTelecom.

phone: phone number.

mcc: the Mobile Country Code of the current carrier.

mnc: the Mobile Network Code of the current carrier.

network: the name of the current carrier.

ported: boolean, true / false / null.

type: text label: mobile / fixed.

present: yes/ no / na (not available) - whether the subscriber is present in the network.

status_message: text, the description of the above ‘status’: Success / Invalid Number / Not allowed country.

status: number, a code for the outcome of the query:

0 = success,

1 = invalid Number,

2 = not allowed country,

HTTP Unsuccessful Response format, if the status is not 0 (Success), only the number, status and status_message will be returned.

Example Response: { "status_message" : "Invalid Number", "status" : 1 }


0-No error.

1-Unknown subscriber: The number is not allocated.

2-The owning network cannot be reached.

3-The network cannot reach the number.

4-The location of the number is not known to the network.

5-The number, as published in HLR, in not known to the MSC.

6-The number is absent for SM.

7-Unknown equipment.

8-Roaming not allowed.

9-Illegal subscriber.

10-Bearer service not provisioned.

11-Tele-service not provisioned.

12-Illegal equipment.

13-Call barred.

21-Facility not supported.

27-Phone switched off.

28-Incompatible terminal.

31-The subscriber is busy.

32-The delivery of the SM has failed.

33-A congestion (a full waiting list) occurred.

34-System failure.

35-Missing data.

36-Data error.

191-Unsupported network for which offers portability status.

192-Unsupported network for which offers the Origin Network.

193-Landline Fixed network (not covered).

Приклади HLR

curl --location --request POST 'https://web.it-decision.com/v1/api/hlr' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic api key' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"phones":[380636151111,380631111112]}'

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